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About us

1PDR is a trading and manufacturing company with the most extensive experience in repairing cars and training craftsmen on paintless dent removal technology. The unique learning system is based on the German programme, which our center has improved and expanded over the years. This system is time-tested and allows anyone to master PDR technology in the shortest possible time. We always keep up with the times and add new trends and technologies to our training programme and tools. The company started its successful path in 1998 and has been №1 training center and PDR tool supplier for more than 20 years. The founder of PDR technology is Erich Nussle, who founded Nussle Spezialwerkzeuge. And we're very proud to be the exclusive Nussle Spezialwerkzeuge distributor. Among other things, 1PDR is the only supplier of such brands as Nussle Spezialwerkzeuge, Ultra Dent Tools and Betag Innovation. We offer ready-to-use solutions for implementing PDR technology to service centers, online stores, factories, dealerships and professional technical colleges in the following areas:
  • Car paintless dent removal;
  • Training in paintless dent removal technology;
  • PDR equipment trade.
Our partners are BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz , Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Land Rover, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Derways.


Based on many years of experience in repairing and training in PDR technology we develop and improve high quality professional tools for customers worldwide.
The development is based on the knowledge of our craftsmen and dealers, the experience of students, customer feedback and technologies from leading manufacturers.

Our factory has a full production cycle.

All elements are produced on modern Japanese equipment with an accuracy up to 5 microns!
All works are performed under the strictest control of technologists trained at the world's best enterprises.

AISI430 (American Iron and Steel Institute) high quality steel is used for metal products.
The tool undergoes heat treatment which allows achieving high safety and comfort when working.
Finished products undergo multi-stage quality control according to "6 Sigma" method which allows us to carry a warranty up to a lifetime!


PDR Technology

PDR technology offers quick and effective paintless repair of the surface of the body elements.

What dents can be repaired?

  • Dents from hail

  • Dents from flying objects (household garbage, tree branches)

  • Dents from careless parking

  • Crushed dents from hands and feet

How are dents removed?

  • Lever principle is used in the process of dent removal: there is pressure on the metal inner surface, using special various configuration hooks.

  • If necessary, the metal is exposed from the outside using special cores.

  • When repairing large dents and dents in hard-to-reach areas, additional equipment is used: adhesive system, special pneumatic and electric tool, induction equipment.

Advantages of paintless dent removal technology:

  • Efficiency (original paint and varnish cover is kept)

  • Quickness (from 30 minutes)

  • Affordability (twice cheaper than traditional repairing)


Education Center

Our center has been training in and repairing with paintless dent removal technology for more than 17 years and deservedly occupies a leading position as a training center and supplier of PDR tools №1.
Our craftsmen were taught and trained by PDR technology founders in Nussle Spezialwerkzeuge, Germany.
During the entire existence of the center, the programme has been expanded and is supplemented every day with new technologies and author developments.

We offer the widest selection of tools for paintless dent removal for every taste and budget.
The main advantage is that during the training process you can try any tool and compare it.

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